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  • Romania
    2.3¢/min land line
    12.9¢/min cell phone
  • Germany
    2.9¢/min land line
    18.9¢/min cell phone
  • Russia
    1.9¢/min land line
    8.9¢/min cell phone

RocaTel offers you a large number of easy to install services:

  • long distance service at competitive rates and service quality
  • unlimited calls within RocaTel network
  • live web based call history
  • classic or email based voicemail
  • small business PBXs (centrex)
  • free installation
  • no hidden fees

VoIP service works almost as a regular phone line, except that it runs through the high speed Internet connection and costs you way less than a regular service. For more info click here.

Although, it goes through the same cable as your Internet it does not interrupt your Internet use, so you do not have to worry about a secondary phone line or a second Internet connection. Contact Us for more info.