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  • Romania
    2.3¢/min land line
    12.9¢/min cell phone
  • Germany
    2.9¢/min land line
    18.9¢/min cell phone
  • Russia
    1.9¢/min land line
    8.9¢/min cell phone

Benefits of our service

  • Make international calls from your cell phone.
  • Register your phone today and stay connected even on the go.
  • Direct dial from your home phone. No need for PINs or access numbers.
  • Crystal-clear call quality.
  • Online Account Management- View your call history and manage your RocaTel features from “My Account”. (comming soon)
  • Yes, you can take it with you! We've got international calls covered with our amazing service - no matter where you're calling from! Never again be shocked by the price of calling from a pay phone or hotel room. Need to make an international call from the office and don't want to put it on their bill? No problem - just use RocaTel and enjoy savings, convenience and reliability!
  • We offer the best intrastate long distance rates and international long distance rates. Our long distance plans don't have any monthly fee, and billing increments. We take pride in our competitive long distance rates and long distance service quality.
  • VoIP service works almost as a regular phone line, except that it runs through the high speed Internet connection and costs you way less than a regular service. Although, it goes through the same cable as your Internet it does not interrupt your Internet use, so you do not have to worry about a secondary phone line or a second Internet connection.

Features of our service

  • PIN-less Dialing – Register up to 4 phone numbers that you commonly call from. Calls from your registered numbers will not require a PIN, making it fast and convenient to use.
  • My Account – Easily manage your account, add or change registered numbers, update your PIN, manage your Speed Dial numbers, and check your call details instantly.
  • Online Billing – Enjoy the convenience of automatic credit card payment and paper-less billing.
  • Great Service & Rates – Use RocaTel service from your cell phone and any other phone even while traveling abroad. You will always benefit from RocaTel’s great low rates!
  • Call screening and blocking
  • Conference

Payments Methods

  • Most major financial institutions and bank machines accept payments of RocaTel invoice.
  • Telephone or Internet banking payments can be made at following financial institutions: RBC, TD, CIBC. You must add RocaTel on to your payee list.
  • Payments can be automatically made every month using credit card or chequing account. Monthly outstanding balances are debited on the invoice due date. Please download the pre-authorized payment form (comming soon) and mail to Roca Networks Inc. (RocaTel) P.O. Box 94531, 2900 Steeles Ave E, Thornhill, ON, Canada L3T 7R5