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  • Romania
    2.3¢/min land line
    12.9¢/min cell phone
  • Germany
    2.9¢/min land line
    18.9¢/min cell phone
  • Russia
    1.9¢/min land line
    8.9¢/min cell phone

Purchase credit in three easy steps

You can start talking in seconds purchasing credit fast, in three easy steps:
1. Choose the amount you want to purchase.
2. Complete the online payment.
3. Start using the service by calling one of our access numbers and the password provided after the online payment is completed.

Step 1: Choose the amount you want to purchase.

  • $5.00 credit
  • $10.00 credit
  • $20.00 credit

Access Numbers: 647-4-767676 accepts payments in any currency from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and checking accounts.

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