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  • Romania
    2.3¢/min land line
    12.9¢/min cell phone
  • Germany
    2.9¢/min land line
    18.9¢/min cell phone
  • Russia
    1.9¢/min land line
    8.9¢/min cell phone

Our rates

RocaTel has exceptionally competitive rates for most countries. We work hard to offer our customers the most competitive long distance rates with the highest quality of customer service.

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Country - RegionPrefixRate
Romania - Bucharest4021$0.0199
Romania - Mobile - Cosmorom4076$0.0999
Romania - Mobile - Digi4077$0.0999
Romania - Mobile - Orange4074$0.0999
Romania - Mobile - Orange4075$0.0999
Romania - Mobile - Vodafone4072$0.0999
Romania - Mobile - Vodafone4073$0.0999
Romania - Mobile - Zapp4078$0.0999
Romania - Proper40$0.0199
Romania - special403$0.0199

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